Bombay Fruit Cup

The Bombay Fruit Cup pays homage to the rich heritage of Bombay Sapphire, a renowned gin brand synonymous with craftsmanship and innovation. Inspired by the tradition of English summer cups, this refreshing libation captures the essence of botanical-infused gin paired with an array of vibrant fruits and aromatic spices. With Bombay Sapphire as its cornerstone, the Bombay Fruit Cup embodies the spirit of conviviality and celebration, inviting enthusiasts to savor the joys of summer in every sip.


  • 100ml Bombay Citron Presse
  • 100ml Bombay
  • 200ml Premium Tonic Water – chilled (we recommend the Fever-Tree brand)
  • 200ml Premium Ginger Ale – chilled (we recommend the Fever-Tree brand)
  • 8 Fresh raspberries
  • 8 Slices of cucumber
  • 8 Lemon wheels
  • 8 Orange 1/2 wheels
  • 4 Large mint leaves (ripped in 1/2)
  • Cubed Ice


  1. Embark on a journey of flavor with the Bombay Fruit Cup—a harmonious blend of Bombay Citron Pressé, Bombay Bramble, and a medley of fresh fruits, tonic water, and ginger ale.
  2. In a large pitcher, combine 100ml Bombay Citron Pressé and 100ml Bombay Bramble.
  3. Add 200ml chilled premium tonic water and 200ml chilled premium ginger ale to the pitcher.
  4. Stir gently to mix the ingredients and chill the concoction.
  5. Add cubed ice to the pitcher to keep the fruit cup refreshingly cool.
  6. Garnish the pitcher with 8 fresh raspberries, 8 slices of cucumber, 8 lemon wheels, 8 half-wheels of orange, and 4 large mint leaves torn in half.
  7. Stir lightly to incorporate the garnishes and infuse the flavors.
  8. Pour the Bombay Fruit Cup into individual glasses filled with ice and garnish each glass with a selection of fruits from the pitcher.

Indulge in the vibrant flavors of summer with the Bombay Fruit Cup—a delightful fusion of botanical gin, luscious fruits, and effervescent mixers. Let the crisp notes of Bombay Citron Pressé and Bombay Bramble dance on your palate, heightened by the refreshing sparkle of premium tonic water and ginger ale. Immerse yourself in the medley of fresh raspberries, cucumber, lemon, orange, and mint, each adding its own layer of complexity and aroma to this exquisite concoction. Share this pitcher serve with friends and loved ones, celebrating the spirit of togetherness and the joys of seasonal indulgence. Here's to endless summer days and memorable gatherings filled with laughter, camaraderie, and the Bombay Fruit Cup a true embodiment of summer in a glass! Cheers to the art of enjoyment and the pleasure of fine libations!