We strive to offer quality products and exceptional customer service. However, sometimes items may become unavailable due to fluctuations in our inventory.

Availability of Items

Please note, the stock status of items on our website is subject to change, as our inventory is dynamic.

What Happens When an Item is Unavailable?

In the event an item you've ordered becomes unavailable, or is restricted by state laws after your order confirmation, we will notify you via email within 48 hours.

Your Options for Unavailable Items

  1. Full Refund: Receive a complete refund to your original method of payment.
  2. Store Credit: Receive store credit for future purchases.
  3. Alternate Item: Choose an equivalent item. Should the replacement item cost more, you will be responsible for the difference.

Timeframe for Refunds

If you choose a refund, expect the amount to be credited within 3-5 business days. Depending on your financial institution, it may take an additional 2-3 days for the refund to reflect in your account.

Shipping Costs

If your order has not been shipped, we will also refund any shipping costs you may have incurred.

How to Proceed?

To select your preferred option, please contact us at within 48 hours of receiving our notification.

Failure to Respond

Should we not receive your choice within 48 hours, we will automatically issue a full refund to your original method of payment.

Legal Compliance

This policy complies with California Civil Code Section 1723, which mandates the clear display of return and refund policies.

Contact Information

For more information or clarification on this policy, reach out to us at:

Last Updated

This policy was last revised on September 4, 2023.

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