Exceptional Old and Rare Scotch Whiskies for Connoisseur Collectors

Whiskey enthusiasts, prepare to be impressed. If you're looking for the rarest and finest bottles of Scotch whisky, look no farther than the Old & Rare Whisky Exhibition. The Whisky Exchange, Elixir Distillers, and Whisky Auction are all owned by Sukhinder Singh, who also founded the event along with whisky specialist Angus MacRaild and Berry Bros' Jonny McMillan.

You may sample some of the world's rarest whiskies at the Old & Rare Whisky Exhibition without having to commit to a full bottle. Guests pay an admission price and then buy sample sizes of 10 milliliters of various whiskies. By taking this course of action, you won't have to spend a fortune to sample a wide range of rare and expensive whiskies. Consider the quality of the whiskies on offer, and the $3-$300 price range seems like a steal.

Rare Whisky

Whisky collectors, auctioneers, distillers, and bartenders from all around the world attend this annual event. You can meet prominent figures in the field, such as the Japanese Hideo Yamaoka, the American Joe Hyman of Skinner Auctioneers, and the Swiss Christian Dully. Local celebrities including Fiddler's on Loch Ness restaurant owner Jon Beach and Dornoch Castle Hotel's Phil Thompson will also be present to offer their knowledge.

The whiskies here are nothing short of spectacular. Highlights from past events have included a 50-year-old Glenury Royal from Justerini & Brooks, a 1939 Longmorn from Gordon & MacPhail, and an 1885 Scotch from Skinner Auctions. There's so much variety in aromas and tastes that picking a favorite would be an exercise in futility.

You won't want to pass up this chance to sample some of the world's rarest and most valuable whiskies if you're a whiskey collector. Make sure to ask about the vintage and rare whisky bottles that were on display during the event. These bottles are genuine works of art and would look great in any collection.