Exploring America's Finest Bourbons Beyond Kentucky's Borders

Celebrating Bourbon Heritage Month with a Nationwide Toast

America's love affair with bourbon doesn't end in Kentucky. Yes, the Bluegrass State is synonymous with this revered spirit, but Bourbon Heritage Month is the perfect time to explore some exceptional bourbons crafted beyond its borders. From the sun-kissed shores of California to the historic heartlands of New York, let's embark on a journey to discover the "Top 10 Best Bourbons Not From Kentucky."

10 Exceptional Bourbons Across America

  1. Starlight Distillery's Carl T. - Indiana's Pride Just beyond the Ohio River lies Starlight Distillery in Southern Indiana. Known for their variety of uniquely finished bourbons, their "Carl T. Bottled in Bond" is a tribute to their roots, offering a classic taste that respects its heritage.

  2. Virginia's John J. Bowman - A Single Barrel Tradition At A. Smith Bowman, Virginia’s oldest distillery, the "John J. Bowman Single Barrel" echoes with historical depth, a testament to Virginia's longstanding whiskey-making traditions.

  3. Tennessee’s Belle Meade Reserve In Tennessee, a state often caught in the "bourbon or Tennessee whiskey" debate, Belle Meade stands out with its "Reserve Cask Strength" bourbon. This offering brings a delightful burst of caramel and oak spice.

  4. Smoke Wagon Uncut Unfiltered - Nevada's Desert Gem Though distilled in Indiana, it's the aging in Nevada’s unique climate that gives Smoke Wagon Uncut Unfiltered its character – a fiery, high-rye bourbon that's a testament to the art of blending and aging.

  5. Colorado's Mountain Craft - Breckenridge High Proof Breckenridge Distillery brings us a bourbon from the Rocky Mountains, with their "Distillers High Proof Blend". It offers a bold, smooth profile with prominent cherry and char flavors.

  6. High West American Prairie - Utah’s Surprise High West Distillery in Utah surprises many with its "American Prairie Bourbon". It's a celebration of the West, delivering a classic profile that makes it a standout.

  7. New York’s McKenzie Bottled in Bond From the scenic Finger Lakes Distilling in upstate New York, "McKenzie Bottled in Bond" is a craft bourbon lover's delight, made with local grains and embodying the essence of the region.

  8. Texas Innovates with Garrison Brothers Balmorhea Garrison Brothers' "Balmorhea Bourbon" in Texas showcases innovation with its wheated mash bill and double maturation process, echoing flavors reminiscent of Buffalo Trace’s Weller bourbon.

  9. Reviving Tradition with South Carolina’s Jimmy Red Corn Charleston’s High Wire Distilling introduces the "New Southern Revival", made uniquely from Jimmy Red corn, offering a rare, sweet, and fruity profile.

  10. California Dreams - Redwood Empire’s Haystack Needle Redwood Empire in California, surprising many with its sourced bourbon, claims the top spot with "Haystack Needle Bourbon". A growing favorite, it combines the best of various regions.

Bourbon's American Journey

As we've seen, Bourbon Heritage Month isn't just about Kentucky's legendary spirit. It's a nationwide celebration of American craftsmanship and innovation in bourbon-making. From California's vineyards to New York's apple orchards, these bourbons tell a story of American ingenuity and the rich, diverse terroir of the United States.

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So here's to America's favorite spirit – Cheers to bourbon, from sea to shining sea!