Grey Goose Launches Altius Vodka

Grey Goose Vodka proudly introduces its latest release, Altius, a limited-edition expression inspired by the French Alps. This unique vodka is filtered at sub-freezing temperatures, capturing the essence of alpine purity.

Altius is crafted from French winter wheat and, for the first time, blended with spring water sourced from the peaks of the French Alps. This blend is then filtered at -24 degrees Celsius under very low pressure, resulting in a distinctive palate featuring alpine minerality, green apple notes, and an earthy undertone.

“As the quintessential French vodka, it was an obvious choice for us to draw inspiration from one of the most admired natural wonders in the country,” says master distiller François Thibault. “For Altius, we aimed to develop a vodka that mirrors the rare phenomena occurring at high altitudes in the Alps, bottling the glacial smoothness these mountains are renowned for.”

Altius will launch initially in Europe and make its U.S. debut in select cities in July. This exclusive vodka will be available at bars, nightclubs, and restaurants in 700-ml and 1.75-L bottles, with pricing determined by the venue.

“We’re thrilled to officially introduce Grey Goose Altius,” says VP of global marketing Martin de Dreuille. “With consumers seeking more premium drinks, we saw an opportunity to create a unique vodka that offers a new luxury experience inspired by the French Alps, from its bottle design to its liquid and its drinking ritual. Whether celebrating personal milestones, professional victories, or simply enjoying time with friends, Grey Goose Altius is designed to elevate any occasion.”