Introducing Alma Miel Don Julio's Latest Masterpiece:

In the world of luxury spirits, Don Julio has long been synonymous with exceptional quality, particularly with its iconic Don Julio 1942. However, the brand's latest expression, Alma Miel, is rapidly gaining attention and is poised to become a new favorite among Tequila connoisseurs.

Alma Miel, meaning "honey soul," is a novel joven Tequila that masterfully combines aged and un-aged tequilas. This blend includes añejo Tequila, aged for at least 14 months and subsequently finished in Crémant du Limoux wine casks from France, famed for its sparkling wine. This process infuses the Tequila with a unique depth and complexity.

What sets Alma Miel apart is the blanco Tequila in the blend. It receives a special touch during distillation with oven-roasted agave honey. This honey is derived from the heart of the agave plant (piña) as it is roasted, enhancing the roasted agave notes on the palate. Tasting this new expression reveals a delightful balance of sweetness and spice. The most striking flavor is that of fresh ripe pear, accented by notes of sweet honey, lemon, grass, vanilla, black pepper, and a gentle earthiness.

Don Julio's collaboration with Mexican musician Christian Nodal for the launch of Alma Miel is a testament to the brand's commitment to blending tradition with modernity. Nodal's involvement in the upcoming promotional film and his role in curating a dinner series to showcase Alma Miel highlight the cultural and artistic significance of this new release.

Alma Miel joins Don Julio's esteemed lineup, which includes other luxury expressions such as Ultima Reserva and the port cask-aged Rosado. This innovative Tequila will soon be available at liquor stores nationwide and is currently in stock on platforms like ReserveBar.

Alma Miel by Don Julio is not just a new product, but a celebration of heritage and innovation. It represents a bold step in Tequila craftsmanship, offering a unique tasting experience that combines the essence of oven-roasted agave honey with the complexity of aged Tequila. As we anticipate the film and the upcoming dinner series, Alma Miel stands as an exciting addition to the world of premium spirits.