Scotland is a land of beauty, history, and tradition and Whiskey!!!!

Scotland is renowned all around the world for its breathtaking scenery, fascinating history, and, of course, its famous whisky. If you're a whisky aficionado planning a trip to Scotland, you should definitely check out a distillery and learn how the magic is made. Included here are a few of Scotland's regions finest distilleries, each with its own distinct personality and offers.


Glenmorangie, situated on a hill overlooking the firth, gives tours that feature not only the distillery's superb malt but also the beautiful surrounding area. The distillery is a beautiful building in its own right. The Original Tour, The Signet Tour, and The Heritage Tour are the three options available. The Heritage tour is especially worthwhile because it includes a trip to the Tarlogie Springs, where you can see for how the natural environment plays a role in the creation of the distillery's malt.

"The Glenlivet":

All three of The Glenlivet's tours—the basic Distillery Tour, the Glenlivet Inspiration, and the Legacy Tasting Experience—pay tribute to the brand's rich history. In 2013, this distillery tour won the Scottish Thistle Award for Best Tourist Attraction. The opportunity to fill your own bottle is a thrilling element of the Glenlivet experience and a wonderful memento of your trip. In addition to the trips, visitors can retrace the footsteps of the Glenlivet smugglers by walking the paths.

This is Highland Park

The drive up to Highland Park Distillery on the Isle of Orkney alone is worth the trip if only to take in the stunning scenery of rural Scotland. There are four tours available, each providing a unique perspective on the historic distillery. These tours are limited to a maximum of 15 individuals, thus advance booking is highly recommended. Magnus Eunson's tour allows you to sample and compare seven different whiskies.

Whiskey and Scotland


If you enjoy peated Scotch, a trip to Laphroaig is in order. Laphroaig, located on the world-famous whisky island of Islay, provides four distinct tours, one of which is called the Water to Whisky Tour. At the conclusion of the tour, you will have the opportunity to bottle some of your very own to take home as a memory. The tasting excursions teach you how to recognize quality whisky and enjoy it to the fullest.


For true cigar enthusiasts, a trip to Talisker on the Island of Skye is a must. The distillery is located on the very tip of the island, overlooking the wildest coast and the most powerful waves in all of Scotland. Only through tasting can one truly appreciate the importance of the sea to Talisker. Even if you just have 45 minutes, it's definitely worth it to visit and do the quickest tour. Only a small number of distilleries use worm tubs in the production of Talisker, but you can see them all here.


The Glenturret Distillery, located in the Highlands, is one of Scotland's oldest and is the source of the Glenturret and Famous Grouse brands. Prices for Glenturret's three trips range from £10 to £30. Each tour includes a tasting of a variety of the distillery's finest whiskies, allowing guests to make direct comparisons. In addition to expanding your knowledge about Glenturret and The Famous

Island of Arran:

Although it may not be as well-known as some of the other major players in the Whisky industry, the distillery on the Isle of Arran is well worth a trip. The distillery makes excellent malt, and the tourist center, which has won awards, offers three tours at affordable pricing (the cheapest tour is £7.50). The spirit of traditional Whisky distilling is alive and well on the Isle of Arran. Visit the CASKS café to unwind and enjoy the beautiful surroundings and malt after your tour.


Benromach is a distillery that showcases the heritage of its malts; it is located in the picturesque Speyside region, not far from the ocean. Tours of the distillery are plentiful, and each one tells a slightly different version of the distillery's history. Distillery manager Keith Cruickshank leads a fascinating Personal Distillery Tour where guests may get insider information and ask questions of a seasoned pro. Even better, the distillery's own single barrel is available for visitors to fill and take home with them.


Ardbeg Distillery may be found on the very outskirts of the island of Islay. Maybe its most well-known experiment was sending Scotch molecules into space to see how long they would take to mature. The distillery dismantles each stage of the distillation process so that visitors may learn about the careful consideration that goes into each dram, and then rebuilds the process from scratch. This makes for a fascinating tour, and it's likely to cover topics rarely discussed at other distilleries.

The Macallan:

Located in the little town of Craigellachie in Speyside, The Macallan is widely regarded as one of the finest and oldest Scotches in the world. It is well-known for its exquisite decanters and production of some of the world's most costly Whisky. The one and only tour of the distillery costs £15 and takes around an hour and 45 minutes, but it's definitely worth it. The brand-new and state-of-the-art visitor center educates guests on the fascinating and lengthy background of the famous company. The distillery, located on the Macallan estate, overlooks the beautiful Speyside countryside.