The Keeper's Heart Named Minnesota Twins' Official Whiskey Partner: What You Need to Know

Keeper's Heart Whiskey is a premium American whiskey brand that is crafted in small batches in Minnesota. It is made using locally-sourced grains and pure water from the northern part of the state. The whiskey is aged in oak barrels, giving it a smooth and rich flavor profile.

The Minnesota Twins baseball team and Keeper's Heart Whiskey have formed a partnership to promote the brand to fans of the team. As part of the partnership, Keeper's Heart Whiskey is the official whiskey of the Minnesota Twins. The brand has a presence at Target Field, the home stadium of the Twins, with signage and advertisements throughout the ballpark.

The Minnesota Twins have announced their partnership with The Keeper's Heart as their official whiskey partner. This partnership is exciting news for whiskey lovers and sports fans alike, and it's worth taking a closer look at what this partnership entails.

The Keeper's Heart is a American whiskey brand founded by American singer and songwriter, Tim Montana. Montana, who is also a lifelong baseball fan, is thrilled about this partnership and the opportunity to bring his passion for whiskey and baseball together.

As the official whiskey partner of the Minnesota Twins, The Keeper's Heart will be featured at Target Field, the home of the Twins. Fans will be able to enjoy a variety of The Keeper's Heart whiskeys at bars and concession stands throughout the stadium.

The Keeper's Heart will be involved in a variety of marketing and promotional activities with the Twins. This includes social media campaigns, exclusive merchandise, and special events for fans.

Keepers heart

But what sets The Keeper's Heart apart from other whiskey brands? The Keeper's Heart is a craft whiskey made with locally sourced grains and aged in new, charred oak barrels. Their whiskey has a smooth and complex flavor, with notes of vanilla, caramel, and oak.

The Keeper's Heart also has a unique connection to baseball. The brand's name is inspired by the "Keeper of the Game," a baseball term that refers to the players, coaches, and fans who uphold the tradition and spirit of the game. This connection to baseball is what drew Montana to create his own whiskey brand, and it's what makes this partnership with the Twins so special.

For fans of both whiskey and baseball, The Keeper's Heart's partnership with the Minnesota Twins is an exciting development. With their locally sourced ingredients, unique flavor profile, and commitment to the spirit of the game, The Keeper's Heart is sure to be a hit with Twins fans and whiskey lovers alike.