WhiskeyD Chronicles - Our Take on the History of Distilling

Alright, let’s cut to the chase. Distilling: it’s the magic behind your favorite whiskey, but how did it all start? No frills, no fluff – just a quick, fun scoop on how that amber nectar came to be.

The Accidental Discovery

Way back, it was the Chinese who first dabbled in distilling. Picture this: they were aiming for bureaucratic glory but ended up inventing something totally different. They thought it was a bit of a laugh and didn’t take it seriously. Little did they know, they had just handed the world one of its greatest inventions.

Next up, the distillation technique hitched a ride to the Arab world. Here, it was all about crafting the finest perfumes. They were nose-deep in fragrant bliss, not realizing they were sitting on a drinking goldmine. When the Europeans got their hands on it, courtesy of the Spaniards, they had a lightbulb moment. Why just smell it when you can drink it, right? And just like that, distilling switched lanes from perfumery to the pub.

The Irish-Scottish Whiskey Tango

Then come the Irish and Scots, both claiming to have put the ‘whiskey’ in whiskey. It’s a bit of a “who wore it better?” situation, but let’s be real, we’re just glad they both showed up to the party.

The Scots March South, English Make a Splash

The Scots, not ones to sit still, decided to take their liquid treasure down to England. The English, a bit miffed by this bold move, decided to water things down – literally. Enter soda water, the humble beginning of the whiskey mixer.

And that’s the whirlwind tour of distilling history, minus the fancy talk. From its accidental birth in China to its aromatic phase in the Arab world, and from its European makeover to the Irish-Scottish rivalry, it’s been quite the ride.

Here’s to the history of distilling – a journey that’s as fascinating as your last sip of whiskey. Cheers!