Whisky Tasting at Monaco Yacht Show 2023

Set against the stunning backdrop of the Mediterranean, the Monaco Yacht Show is an annual extravaganza celebrating the finest in craftsmanship and the spirit of adventure. This year, the event took an exciting turn with an exclusive whisky tasting evening, a first-of-its-kind experience for select attendees.

The event was graced by an array of fascinating entities. Among them were the International Yacht Company, renowned for their luxurious yachts, and Better Than Reality, an adventure firm known for their thrilling covert operations. Also present was Global Wine Solutions, experts in artisan wines, catering to an elite clientele worldwide. Additionally, premier whisky suppliers from across the globe added to the evening's allure.

An Evening of Tales, Tastes, and Toasts

The theme of the evening was "Wine, Whisky, and War Stories", offering a blend of storytelling and sensory indulgence. Better Than Reality captivated the audience with enthralling tales of their escapades, while Global Wine Solutions orchestrated a symphony of wine and whisky tastings.

The ambiance was electric with a sense of camaraderie, as guests bonded over shared stories and new friendships, all while savoring fine whiskies and wines - a truly magical fusion.

The Firkin Whisky Company - A Highlight of the Night

A standout participant was The Firkin Whisky Company, led by the venerable Mike Collings, a whisky maestro with a storied 50-year career. Mike's legacy includes iconic brands like Johnnie Walker Blue Label and The Classic Malts. At Firkin, Mike continues his journey of excellence, crafting whiskies using unique double oak casks. These casks, a blend of American ex-bourbon staves and French Virgin Oak, are meticulously seasoned with select wines to enhance the whisky's flavor.

The Firkin Whisky Company's display included:

  • Benrinnes 2008, matured in a Madeira cask
  • Tullibardine 2012, aged in a double sherry cask
  • Caol Ila 2010, finished in a Marsala cask
  • Aultmore 2010, also aged in a Marsala cask

The whiskies, especially the Aultmore and Tullibardine, were the toast of the evening. The Caol Ila, a treat for peat enthusiasts, and the vibrant Benrinnes also received high acclaim.

A Night to Remember

The Monaco Yacht Show's whisky tasting was more than just an event; it was an adventure in itself. Imagine sipping exquisite whiskies in the bay of Monaco, surrounded by magnificent yachts and the majestic Monaco mountains. This extraordinary evening was a testament to the seamless blend of luxury, adventure, and the art of whisky making.