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    2 products

    Welcome to the Vibrant Universe of Bols: Where Tradition Meets Taste!

    Turn the Ordinary into EXTRAORDINARY with Bols!

    Greetings cocktail aficionados and liqueur lovers! 👋 Ever dreamed of sipping history while celebrating the present? You're at the right place! We're jazzed to introduce you to Bols, a brand that’s as steeped in heritage as it is in flavor.

    And guess what? We've handpicked their best for you: Bols Genever and Bols Blue Curaçao!

    Why Bols? Experience the Dutch Legacy!

    Founded in Amsterdam in 1575, Bols is the world’s oldest distilled spirit brand. Imagine sipping on nearly half a millennium of craftsmanship and tradition! Now stop imagining and start pouring because Bols isn't just a spirit, it's a historical monument you can taste.

    Introducing Our Exclusive Selection: 

    Bols Genever

    🍸 The Granddaddy of Gins!

    • Origin: Amsterdam, Netherlands
    • Tasting Notes: A beautiful blend of triple-distilled grain neutral spirits and a rich botanical mix.
    • Perfect For: Classic cocktails, sipping, or a simple Genever & Tonic.

    Fun Fact: Genever is considered the ancestor of modern-day gin. If you adore gin, why not taste where it all began?

    Bols Blue Curaçao

    🍹 A Tropical Fiesta in a Bottle!

    • Origin: Inspired by the island of Curaçao
    • Tasting Notes: A mesmerizing blend of citrus and a hint of bitterness, with a brilliant blue hue.
    • Perfect For: Margaritas, Blue Lagoons, or any cocktail that needs a splash of fun!

    Fun Fact: Bols Blue Curaçao gets its iconic color not from the fruit but from a natural food coloring, ensuring your cocktails will always stand out!

    Your journey into the world of spectacular cocktails and spirits starts with a click. So why wait? Let’s make history one sip at a time!

    🛍️ SHOP NOW — and Be a Part of the Bols Revolution! 🛍️

    Please remember to enjoy Bols responsibly. You must be of legal drinking age to purchase alcohol.

    Cheers to making moments unforgettable with Bols! 🥂

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