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    The Pinnacle of Premium Vodka

    Step into the exquisite universe of CÎROC, a place where every drop is a celebration of luxury and craftsmanship. We welcome you to a world where sophistication meets innovative flavor, marking an unparalleled vodka experience.

    A Symbol of Distinction

    CÎROC was established in France, a country known worldwide for its fine wines and spirits. Master Distiller, Jean-Sebastien Robicquet, hailing from generations of winemakers and distillers, aimed to bring a fresh and distinctively French twist to vodka. In 2003, CÎROC Vodka was introduced to the world, presenting a rich new experience in a spirit typically marked by uniformity.

    Our name, CÎROC, originates from the combination of the French words "cime," meaning peak, and "roche," meaning rock. This speaks to the high-altitude grapes and the rocky conditions of the Gaillac region where our distinctive vodka is born.

    A Celebration of Flavor

    At CÎROC, we strive to create vodkas that are not merely spirits but luxurious indulgences. Each CÎROC vodka is a masterpiece of flavor and smoothness.

    CÎROC Ultra-Premium: Our flagship vodka is crafted from fine French grapes, distilled five times, ensuring a velvety smoothness and exceptional flavor that sets the standard for elegance.

    CÎROC Flavored Vodkas: Venture into a world of vibrant tastes with our range of innovative flavored vodkas. From the luscious Red Berry and succulent Peach to the tropical Pineapple and refreshing Summer Citrus, each offers an invigorating taste experience.

    CÎROC Limited Editions: Our limited edition vodkas, such as CÎROC White Grape and CÎROC Summer Watermelon, capture unique, seasonally inspired flavors. These vodkas are highly sought after and enjoyed by vodka connoisseurs worldwide.

    What Sets CÎROC Apart?

    CÎROC stands as a beacon of innovation and luxury in the vodka landscape. What makes us unique is our meticulous crafting process. Unlike typical vodkas that use grain, CÎROC is distilled from fine French grapes, resulting in a lush, velvety smoothness that distinguishes our vodka from the rest.

    Our vodka is crafted in the historic Distillerie de Chevanceaux, utilizing centuries-old distilling techniques. The spirit is distilled a total of five times, ensuring a crisp, clean finish and an unmatched level of purity.

    CÎROC isn't just vodka; it's a lifestyle symbolizing sophistication and celebration. Our partnership with globally recognized icon Sean 'Diddy' Combs has amplified CÎROC's positioning as the drink of choice for trendsetters and celebrants around the world.

    We invite you to explore our exquisite range of vodkas and join the CÎROC family today. Here's to luxury, here's to celebration, here's to CÎROC. Cheers!

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