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    3 products

    Crafting Bourbon the Right Way: Evan Williams Distillery's Legacy

    Back in 1783, our very origins were set along the picturesque banks of the Ohio River as we established Kentucky’s First Distillery. Over the passage of numerous years and countless barrels, we've steadfastly adhered to the authentic methods that define the true essence of Bourbon.

    Aging to Perfection

    Radiating character at 86 proof, our Evan Williams Bourbon epitomizes richness and authenticity - a testament to doing things the right way.

    Uncompromisingly 100 Proof & Bonded

    Born of a single season, one skilled distiller, and one esteemed distillery, our signature white label is your assurance of authenticity.

    Smooth, Rich, & Worthy of its Name: Embedded in every small batch is a legacy that emerges from the careful selection of fewer than 200 barrels, guaranteeing a flavor that is as rich as it is smooth.

    Guided by the Masters

    Recipient of the "Whiskey of the Year" accolade five times, our Bourbon stands as a testament to the dedication of our master distillers.

    What We Stock

    Evan Williams 1783

    A salute to the year of inception of Kentucky’s First Distillery, Evan Williams 1783 Small Batch is meticulously drawn from a selection of under 200 barrels. It is a Bourbon that matures beyond its years, fashioned using the same revered sour mash process and timeless recipe that our namesake popularized.

    Evan Williams Honey Reserve

    From the esteemed house of Heaven Hill emerges Evan Williams Honey Reserve, a whiskey-based liqueur that holds the promise of pure refinement. Infused with the essence of Evan Williams bourbon and the delicate touch of honey, this offering redefines indulgence.


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