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    The Glendalough Distillery

    Step into a world where heritage meets innovation, and time-honored traditions intertwine with bold modernity. Welcome to Glendalough Distillery, Ireland's original craft distillery where each bottle captures the soul of our land and the passion of our people.

    Inspired by the Glendalough Valley

    Nestled in the heartland of Ireland, Glendalough Distillery was born from a shared dream between five friends. Named after the "valley of two lakes," one of Ireland's most idyllic locations, our distillery reflects the stunning natural beauty and deep-seated heritage of its namesake.

    Founded in 2011, our mission is to reignite Ireland's lost tradition of craft distilling and create spirits as unique and extraordinary as the landscape that inspires them.

    Crafting Unforgettable Spirits

    At Glendalough, we proudly produce a range of premium spirits that encapsulate the flavors of the Irish seasons and the essence of traditional distillation methods.

    Whiskeys: Our lineup includes the groundbreaking Glendalough Double Barrel and a range of aged whiskeys, each with its distinct character. These unique expressions bear the hallmarks of Ireland's rich whiskey heritage, aged in the tranquility of the Glendalough valley.

    Gins: Our award-winning Wild Botanical gins are a true celebration of the Irish wilderness. Each seasonal gin is crafted with hand-foraged botanicals, capturing the distinct flavors and scents of Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter.

    Poitín: Reviving Ireland's ancient distilling tradition, our Poitín (pronounced potcheen) showcases the raw, primal character of its origins. We produce a range of Poitín expressions that capture the vibrant, authentic spirit of this traditional Irish beverage.

    What Sets Glendalough Apart?

    What distinguishes Glendalough Distillery is our dedication to crafting spirits that truly represent the unique terroir of Ireland. We are driven by a passion for our heritage and a commitment to sustainability. Our foragers painstakingly gather wild ingredients from the verdant Irish landscape, ensuring each bottle we produce is a genuine reflection of its seasonal and geographical roots.

    We're also dedicated to innovation, constantly exploring and pushing the boundaries of traditional distilling. Our pioneering spirits, such as the seasonal gins and the distinctive Glendalough Double Barrel whiskey, demonstrate our commitment to creating unique, memorable experiences for our customers.

    Join us in celebrating the spirit of Ireland and its time-honored traditions. We invite you to explore our range, savor our artisanal spirits, and embrace the story each bottle tells. Here's to the verdant valleys, the untamed wilderness, and the timeless spirit of Ireland. Here's to Glendalough Distillery. Sláinte!

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