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    17 products

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    Canadian Corn Whisky, also known as Canadian whiskey or rye whiskey, is a popular and unique type of whiskey that is enjoyed by whiskey enthusiasts around the world. Unlike other whiskeys, Canadian Corn Whisky is made from a mash that contains mostly corn, with a small percentage of other grains such as rye, wheat or barley. This gives it a smooth, sweet and slightly spicy taste that is distinct from other whiskeys.

    The production process of Canadian Corn Whisky involves distillation and aging in wooden barrels, usually made of oak, which gives it its distinctive taste and aroma. It must be aged for at least three years before it can be sold as whiskey, with many brands choosing to age their whiskey for much longer periods of time to achieve a more complex and refined taste.

    Both Canadian Corn Whisky and American Corn Whiskey are spirits primarily made from corn grain, but there are several unique factors in their production and maturation processes that lead to different taste profiles and overall characteristics. Here's a comparison focusing on some of the lesser-known elements:

    1. Raw Material: Both Canadian Corn Whisky and American Corn Whiskey are made predominantly from corn. However, the source of the corn can influence the flavor of the whisky. The specific variety of corn, the soil it's grown in, and the climate all contribute to the corn's flavor and, subsequently, the flavor of the whisky.

    2. Distillation: In general, American Corn Whiskey can be distilled at higher proof levels than bourbon or Tennessee whiskey, which can result in a spirit that retains more of the natural corn flavors. Canadian Corn Whisky, on the other hand, often goes through a column still distillation, which can produce a very clean, smooth spirit.

    3. Aging Process: American Corn Whiskey has different aging requirements compared to most other American whiskies. It does not have to be aged, but if it is, it can be aged in either used or uncharred new oak barrels. This can result in a lighter color and flavor compared to other American whiskies. Canadian Corn Whisky, meanwhile, must be aged for at least three years in small wood (usually oak) for it to be legally considered whisky. The type of barrels used can have a significant impact on the flavor, with charred barrels imparting a deeper color and rich caramel or vanilla flavors.

    4. Regulations: American Corn Whiskey must contain at least 80% corn in its mash bill, while Canadian Corn Whisky doesn't have a set minimum corn requirement. However, it's common for the mash bill to be predominantly corn because corn provides a high yield of alcohol and a sweet, smooth flavor.

    5. Flavor Profile: American Corn Whiskey often has a robust and grain-forward flavor with a noticeable sweetness from the corn. Canadian Corn Whisky is typically smooth and light, with the sweetness of the corn complemented by the flavors from the oak aging process.

    Remember, these are general observations, and there can be a lot of variation within each category. Different distilleries have their unique approaches and techniques, which can significantly influence the flavor and character of their whisky.

    Canadian Corn Whisky has a rich history dating back to the 18th century when European settlers first brought the whiskey-making process to Canada. Today, Canadian Corn Whisky is produced in various regions across Canada, including Alberta, Ontario, and Quebec. Popular Canadian Corn Whisky brands include Crown Royal, Canadian Club, and Forty Creek, which are known for their smooth and complex flavor profiles.

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    Many collectors choose Canadian Corn Whisky for their whiskey collections due to its unique taste and history. It is a versatile and enjoyable drink that can be enjoyed on its own or used as a base for cocktails. With its smooth and slightly sweet taste, it is a popular choice among whiskey enthusiasts and novices alike. 

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