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    At our commitment runs deep, not just in crafting a drink, but crafting a drink you're eager to share. Our secret recipe includes a mix of quality ingredients and the mastery to transform them into an extraordinary spirit. Here's how we put our passion into the process to create the E&J Brandy you've grown to know and love.

    1. The Grapevine's Best Kept Secret

    Our journey begins in the lush vineyards of California, where an optimal mediterranean climate yields the most diverse array of grapes in the country. We cherry-pick the top grade grapes at their peak ripeness, ensuring the soul of our brandy is nothing short of exceptional.

    2. Perfecting the Art of Fermentation

    Brandy is no ordinary spirit. It is, at its heart, a transformed wine. Our meticulously honed fermentation process crafts a base wine that is not just good, but premium—laying the perfect foundation for what’s to come.

    3. Our Distinct Barrels: Our Beat, Our Rhythm

    Every brandy tells a story, and ours speaks through the rhythm of our unique barrels. We capture the freshest flavors and aroma by distilling each vintage year within three months of fermentation. With over 275,000 barrels, each unique in its age, oakiness, and even the wood's drips, we create a symphony of complexities during distillation.

    4. Time Is an Essence: The Age-Old Secret

    Our brandy is a testament to the phrase, 'good things come to those who wait.' Nestled in oak barrels, our brandy ages gracefully, while we patiently and consistently taste test throughout the process, ensuring only the highest quality for your glass.

    5. Standing Out by Blending In

    E&J is not just a brandy—it's a harmonious blend that strikes the right balance. We craft each batch to embody that extra smooth flavor you have come to know and love, making each sip a memorable experience. Delve deeper into the intricate tasting notes that underpin each bottle, and discover why E&J Brandy truly stands out.

    Our Selection Of E&J Brandies

    E&J VS Brandy Known as the flagship brandy of E&J, the VS (Very Special) Brandy is an ideal blend of flavors that include sweet dried fruit, hints of chocolate and vanilla, and a finish of toasted oak. This brandy is known for its smoothness and mixability, making it an excellent choice for cocktails.

    E&J VSOP Brandy VSOP (Very Superior Old Pale) is a step above, offering a rewarding mix of flavors with a gentle aroma that opens up to rich, floral notes. The finish offers hints of vanilla, spice, and caramel, creating a versatile brandy that is delicious served neat or on the rocks.

    E&J XO Brandy The XO (Extra Old) Brandy is the top-of-the-line offering, featuring a rich, full-bodied flavor with notes of sweet raisin, creamy caramel, toasted almond, and a long, smooth finish. It's an excellent sipping brandy and is best enjoyed straight or on the rocks.

    E&J Peach Brandy A flavor variant, the Peach Brandy brings together the smoothness of E&J Brandy with the sweet, juicy taste of peaches. This peach-flavored brandy can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or mixed into a refreshing cocktail.

    E&J Apple Brandy Another flavor variant, the Apple Brandy combines the classic E&J Brandy with the crisp taste of apples. It's great for sipping straight or mixing in cocktails for a fruity twist.

    Enjoy shopping for E&J Brandy, where passion for the process births a spirit that is truly special.

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