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    Step into a world where the Hudson River's majesty meets the art of distillation, where history collides with innovation, and where each sip tells a story of New York's tenacity and charm. Welcome to Hudson Whiskey, a New York State of Mind captured in each uniquely crafted bottle.

    Born and Raised in New York

    Hudson Whiskey proudly stands as the first whiskey distillery in New York since Prohibition. Nestled in the heart of the scenic Hudson Valley, our distillery is where the magic happens. Our journey began in 2005 with the dream of creating a whiskey that captured the spirit of New York — a dream we continue to pour into each bottle.

    Hudson Whiskey: An Array of Empire State Expressions

    Our New York heritage shines through our distinctive collection of craft whiskies:

    Hudson Baby Bourbon: America's first pot-distilled bourbon since Prohibition, crafted from 100% New York corn. This bourbon serves up rich notes of vanilla and caramel, finishing with a warmth as welcoming as a New York City hug.

    Hudson Manhattan Rye: A rye whiskey so authentic and bold, it could only be a New Yorker. This whiskey brings a spicy kick to the palate, wrapped in a delicate balance of dried fruit and honey.

    Hudson Bright Lights, Big Bourbon: An homage to New York's vibrant energy, offering the classic notes of a big, bold bourbon.

    Fun Facts about Hudson Whiskey

    1. Proudly Local: Our whiskey is made with locally sourced grains, supporting New York's farming community. The "Empire Rye" classification — a style we've helped pioneer — requires the grain to be at least 75% New York grown rye.

    2. Music and Whiskey: Just as music is a form of art, so is whiskey-making at Hudson. Each of our barrels is exposed to a unique Sonic Maturation process, where the bass of carefully selected music vibrates the cask and the spirit inside, improving the maturation process.

    3. Environmental Care: We believe in giving back to Mother Earth. The leftover grains from our distillation process are fed to local farm animals, ensuring nothing goes to waste.

    We invite you to dive into our world, experience the heart of New York in our whiskies, and immerse yourself in the distinctive, vibrant spirit of Hudson Whiskey.

    Here's to the Empire State, to craft whiskey, and to Hudson — the unmistakable taste of New York. 

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