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    956 products

    Comprehensive Insurance for Your Precious Purchase

    Welcome to our dedicated insurance service page, tailored for our American customers who value the security of their cherished purchases. Whether you're selecting a bottle for a memorable event, surprising a loved one with a special gift, or expanding your personal collection, our all-encompassing insurance solution gives you the confidence you deserve. Secure your peace of mind the American way - with us.

    Why Insurance? Safeguarding Your Spirits Investment

    broken and damaged whiskey bottle

    Over the recent years, the value of rare whiskey and spirits has soared, reaching an astonishing six to seven-figure price range. This surge has transformed it into a highly valuable asset. Whiskeys and other spirits, especially premium and vintage bottles, are not just drinks; they're valuable investments. From the moment your bottle leaves our store, it embarks on a journey, and like any journey, it comes with risks. These can include damage during transit, loss, or theft. Our insurance service aims to protect your investment against these unforeseen circumstances, providing you with the assurance that your purchase is safeguarded.

    Our Insurance Coverage: Understanding the Benefits

    Our comprehensive insurance coverage is designed to protect your purchase from the time it leaves our hands until it reaches yours. This includes:

    • Damage Protection: Covers any damage that your bottle might sustain during the shipping process.
    • Loss Protection: Ensures you're covered in the rare event that your package goes missing during transit.
    • Theft Protection: Provides coverage if your package is stolen after delivery.

    By opting for our insurance service, you secure not just a bottle, but the celebration, sentiment, or investment it represents.

    How to Get Insured: A Simple, Streamlined Process

    Securing insurance for your purchase is as simple as adding it to your cart. Select your chosen whiskey or spirit, add it to your cart, and then opt for the insurance service before you checkout. It's that simple. Once your order is confirmed, you'll receive an insurance certificate detailing your coverage.

    Remember, by opting for insurance, you're not just buying a safety net for a bottle, but securing peace of mind for yourself. Choose our insurance service today and let us help protect your precious spirits purchase.

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