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Buy Lagavulin Whisky Online

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    3 products

    A Testament to Time and Tradition

    Welcome to the world of Lagavulin, the definitive Islay malt that's intensely flavoured, smoky, and rich. We invite you to explore our over 200-year legacy crafted on the rugged, windswept Isle of Islay. The island not only imbues a unique character into everything it nurtures but also serves as the ethereal home where each drop of our beloved Lagavulin is created.

    Unrivalled Taste—Decades in the Making 

    Lagavulin 16 Years Old

    A Timeless Classic
    The epitome of smoky Islay malts and the touchstone of our distillery. Each dram is aged to perfection in oak casks for a minimum of 16 years. It carries a nose rich in intense peat smoke and underlying sweetness. Experience a symphony of sherry, fruit, and smoke on the palate, capped by a lingering, spicy, and delightfully sweet finish.

    Lagavulin 8 Years Old

    The Victorians' Choice
    Initially offered as a limited edition to celebrate our 200th Anniversary, the Lagavulin 8YO is back by popular demand. Inspired by Alfred Barnard, Britain’s renowned Victorian whisky writer, this is an exuberant Lagavulin variant that’s sweet, smoky, and reassuringly warming.

    Lagavulin Distillers Edition

    A Modern Masterpiece
    The 2022 Distillers Edition has been matured in ex-Pedro Ximenez sherry casks, giving it complex layers of dried fruit, treacle toffee, rich smoke, sea salt, and oak spice. A luxurious, mouth-coating experience awaits those who seek this bottle.

    A Distillery Like No Other 

    As one of the oldest distilleries on Islay, Lagavulin is a testament to time-honored craftsmanship. Take a tour and immerse yourself in our grain-to-glass process, observe our uniquely pear-shaped stills, and absorb breathtaking views of Lagavulin Bay.

    Why Lagavulin? 

    • Over 200 Years of Craftsmanship: The passage of time enhances what we do. Each bottle of Lagavulin speaks to this enduring quality.
    • Award-Winning: With numerous accolades, we remain dedicated to producing whisky of unparalleled quality.
    • Islay's Richness: The natural environment of the Isle of Islay ensures a unique, irreplaceable character.
    • Exclusive Offerings: From our core range to special editions, each bottle offers something different, yet unmistakably Lagavulin.

    Ready to Taste Legend? 

    It’s time to experience whisky that has stood the test of time, from the heart of Islay to your glass.

    Here's to you, to us, and to over two centuries of crafting whisky legends. Toast to life, luxury, and the indomitable spirit of Lagavulin. 

    Lagavulin Whisky—Where Every Sip is a Journey Through Time 

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