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Buy New Amsterdam Vodka Online

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    Each sip captures the invigorating spirit of urban life, and where smoothness takes center stage. Welcome to New Amsterdam Vodka, a testament to the vibrant pulse of the city that never sleeps.

    Our Legacy

    New Amsterdam Vodka made its grand debut in 2011, drawing inspiration from one of the most dynamic cities in the world: New York. Named after the original Dutch settlement of "Nieuw Amsterdam", our brand epitomizes the vivacity, creativity, and relentless drive of the city, artfully distilled into every bottle of our vodka.

    New Amsterdam Vodka

    At New Amsterdam, we are proud to present a dynamic range of products, each encapsulating our commitment to exceptional smoothness and unmatched quality.

    New Amsterdam Vodka: Our flagship vodka, five times distilled and three times filtered, offers unparalleled smoothness and clarity. It's a versatile spirit, perfect for savoring on its own or in your favorite cocktail.

    New Amsterdam Flavored Vodkas: Embrace a world of flavor with our exciting range, including Peach, Pineapple, Red Berry, Coconut, Mango, and more. Each variant is infused with natural fruit flavors for a vibrant and sweet taste.

    New Amsterdam Gin: A modern take on the classic spirit, our gin is refreshingly crisp, with a citrus-forward profile and a hint of juniper.

    Mix it Up: New Amsterdam Inspired Cocktails

    Unleash your inner mixologist with our range of New Amsterdam spirits. Create a refreshing 'New Amsterdam Mule' with our original vodka, a squeeze of lime, and ginger beer. Dive into summer with the 'Peach on the Beach', a delightful blend of New Amsterdam Peach, orange juice, cranberry juice, and peach schnapps.

    Why America Loves New Amsterdam Vodka

    From coast to coast, New Amsterdam Vodka has captured the hearts of Americans with its superb quality, affordability, and its embodiment of the spirit of one of the world's greatest cities. Whether it's the unmatched smoothness of our original vodka, the zest of our flavored variants, or the modern twist we've given to gin, New Amsterdam caters to a wide spectrum of tastes and preferences. Our versatile spirits serve as the perfect base for a range of cocktails, making every occasion special.

    We invite you to explore the world of New Amsterdam Vodka, where every bottle is a symbol of our unyielding commitment to quality and our homage to the City of Dreams. Here's to life, here's to celebration, and here's to the spirited charm of New Amsterdam Vodka.

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