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    Although vodka has been produced in Sweden since the 15th century, the Swedish vodka industry only began to flourish in the 18th century. Today, Swedish vodka is renowned for its purity and crispness, and it is an essential part of the country's drinking culture.

    Swedish vodka is most often made from winter wheat, which provides a delicate and clean flavor. The spirit is distilled multiple times and filtered through various materials, such as activated charcoal, to achieve exceptional clarity and smoothness. Some Swedish vodkas are also distilled in copper stills, which contributes to the spirit's distinctive character.

    Swedish vodka is celebrated for its purity and crispness. The flavor is delicate, with a clean and smooth finish. Swedish vodka is best enjoyed chilled, either straight or mixed in cocktails that showcase its subtle flavor.

    The Swedes have a unique vodka-drinking tradition called "snaps," which is an essential part of celebrations and gatherings. Snaps involve taking a small shot of vodka, often accompanied by a traditional drinking song. Vodka is usually served chilled and can be consumed straight or mixed in cocktails. Swedish vodka is often paired with traditional foods like herring, cured salmon, and meatballs.

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