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Avion Reposado

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Dive into the rich taste of Avion Reposado, a tequila that exceeds the aging standard of two months to deliver a mature, full-bodied flavor. Benefiting from a six-month stay in oak barrels, this tequila offers a refined palate that distinguishes it from its peers. The crafting of each bottle of Avion Reposado involves a significant input of agave, using up to 30% more than usual. This deliberate choice intensifies the tequila's intrinsic flavors and embodies a commitment to quality that you'll come to appreciate with every sip.

The Avion Reposado extends an invitation to savor the finesse of aged tequila. As you explore this exquisite spirit, consider broadening your horizons with our wider selection of tequilas, encompassing a realm of styles and aging techniques.

And for those who are captivated by the nuance and depth that time imparts to spirits, our curated range of reposado tequilas offers you the chance to further your exploration into the world of patiently aged, beautifully balanced tequilas.

Born from the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico, Avion Reposado carries the distinctive character of a tequila matured in harmony with nature. It hails from the Avion Distillery, renowned for its meticulous production process that embraces both tradition and innovation. A few intriguing aspects of Avion Reposado make it a popular choice among tequila enthusiasts in the United States. The exceptional quality of this spirit is a result of a time-intensive aging process, six times longer than the standard for a reposado, which offers it a full-bodied flavor profile. Its production requires a substantial amount of agave, thereby intensifying the tequila's innate flavors and showing the brand's commitment to quality. Avion Reposado holds a unique appeal across various age groups and taste preferences in the U.S., from tequila beginners seeking a smooth introduction to the spirit to connoisseurs appreciating its complexity and depth.

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