Berkshire Mountain Corn Whiskey

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Berkshire Mountain Corn Whiskey

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Berkshire Mountain Corn Whiskey - an enticing spirit that brings a unique charm to the table. This artisanal whiskey speaks volumes about craftsmanship, flavor, and distinction. Handcrafted in small batches by Berkshire Mountain Distillers in Massachusetts, this whiskey is made from 100% local corn. The result? A spirit with a delicate sweetness and a crisp, clean finish that sets it apart.

What's truly exceptional about Berkshire Mountain Corn Whiskey is its maturation process. It's aged in virgin American white oak barrels, resulting in a beautiful golden hue and a complex profile that's both smooth and rich.

Berkshire Mountain Corn Whiskey is a part of our diverse and carefully curated collection of American spirits. For those wanting to discover more standout offerings like this, our American Whiskey collection is a treasure trove of artisanal and innovative distilleries from across the country.

If you appreciate the nuanced sweetness and smoothness of Berkshire Mountain Corn Whiskey, our Corn Whiskey collection invites you to explore an assortment of spirits crafted from this beloved grain. Each offers its unique character, providing a delightful exploration for your palate.

Berkshire Mountain Corn Whiskey originates from Berkshire Mountain Distillers, a small-scale distillery in Western Massachusetts known for its handcrafted spirits. Notably, this whiskey is crafted using 100% locally sourced corn, a testament to the distillery's commitment to sustainable practices and local farming partnerships. The whiskey's aging process, in virgin American white oak barrels, contributes to its unique, rich flavor profile and smoothness. Across the United States, whiskey enthusiasts who have a penchant for Corn, Bourbon, and American Whiskey find Berkshire Mountain Corn Whiskey particularly appealing. These enthusiasts appreciate the subtleties of flavor derived from corn-based whiskey and value the unique character each bottle offers, reflecting the artistry and passion of the distillers behind it.

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