Brother's Bond Bourbon

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Brother's Bond Bourbon

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Step into the world of Brother's Bond Bourbon, the brainchild of renowned actors and producers Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley. You may know them as the Salvatore Brothers from Vampire Diaries, but off-screen they share a passion for exceptional bourbon. This high-quality, straight bourbon whiskey is the embodiment of their enduring friendship and discerning tastes.

In their words, the bond they share was forged and strengthened over bourbon. They harbored a dream to create a bourbon that was smooth, easy to drink, and embodied a unique array of robust flavors. Picture the experience as a warm, inviting embrace, with a delicate blend of subtle nutty spice notes that lead to a complex, warming finish. This is their vision of the perfect bourbon experience.

After years of experimentation and refinement, their dream was realized in the form of Brother's Bond Bourbon. This elegant and exceptionally smooth bourbon offers a complex and balanced taste profile, featuring a perfect interplay of sweetness and spice. At 80-proof, this high rye bourbon exhibits an impressive palette of flavors including baked banana bread, ripe tree fruits, walnuts, and the comforting warmth of rye spice. You will find it both balanced and round, its velvety smoothness masking a rich tapestry of flavor notes, from toasted cereal grain to honeysuckle, dried fruit, black tea, and spice. The lingering finish leaves an indelible impression, rounding off an exceptional bourbon experience.

The creators of Brother's Bond Bourbon envisioned it being enjoyed neat, and the result is nothing short of exceptional. This bourbon is a testament to their shared passion and a tribute to their enduring friendship. It invites you into their world, one where good company and exceptional bourbon are the hallmarks of memorable moments.

Brother's Bond Bourbon proudly occupies a prime spot in our "American Whiskey" collection at WhiskeyD. This category showcases the breadth of America's whiskey-making prowess, with Brother's Bond serving as a flagship example of premium American Bourbon.

If you have an appreciation for malted grains, we invite you to venture into our "American Single Malt" collection. As a bourbon aficionado, you may find a newfound appreciation for the nuances of malt and the diversity it brings to the American whiskey landscape.

And of course, a true bourbon lover's exploration is not complete without a deep dive into our "Bourbon" collection. This selection embodies the bold, beautiful world of bourbon in its many forms. From tried and true classics to innovative expressions like Brother's Bond, the collection brings you a curated selection of the finest bourbons the United States has to offer.

The journey of Brother's Bond Bourbon began with the vision of two friends, Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley, celebrated actors and producers best known for their roles in Vampire Diaries. Their shared passion for bourbon led them on a quest to create a super-premium straight bourbon whiskey that would resonate with enthusiasts and novices alike. This bourbon, crafted through years of exploration and fine-tuning, represents not just their tastes but also their enduring bond.

In the United States, Brother's Bond Bourbon strikes a chord with a wide audience. The broad appeal of the All Whiskey, Whiskey, American Whiskey, and Bourbon categories, coupled with the celebrity influence, attracts a diverse demographic. Bourbon connoisseurs appreciate its complexity and the craftsmanship behind its creation, while new whiskey explorers are drawn in by its approachable, smooth character.

This bourbon, with its balanced and intricate flavor profile, also finds its place in the collections of mixologists and cocktail enthusiasts. The blend of sweet and spice, along with its full-bodied finish, makes it a versatile addition to any cocktail recipe. Whether you're savoring it neat, on the rocks, or mixed into your favorite cocktail, Brother's Bond Bourbon provides a distinctive experience, much like the bond that inspired its creation.

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