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Courvoisier XO

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As a discerning spirits enthusiast, this is your opportunity to experience a beautifully aged cognac that exhibits the finest qualities of the prestigious Courvoisier distillery.

From the moment it graces your glass, Courvoisier XO captivates you with its deep amber color and a complex bouquet of candied orange, Creme br l e, and iris flower. On your palate, it unveils a symphony of rich flavors - juicy peach, toasted almonds, and delicate notes of sherry, gracefully balanced with exotic spices and a hint of rich, dark chocolate. The finish is as remarkable as the journey, enduring, rich, and smooth. Courvoisier XO is more than just a cognac - it is an indulgent experience, a testament to exquisite French craftsmanship.

Courvoisier XO proudly stands among the premium spirits in our Brandy Collection. It adds a layer of indulgence, inviting you to appreciate the true depth and diversity of this versatile spirit.

Our Cognac Collection is where it truly shines, representing the epitome of French luxury. This is where elegance meets complexity, delivering a cognac that's simply unforgettable.

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Feel the Spanish influence with a visit to our Brandy de Jerez Collection, or explore the aromatic intensities of our Fruit Brandy Collection. Each offers its unique character, adding to the richness of your brandy experience.

Courvoisier XO is a sublime expression of the revered Courvoisier distillery's dedication to craft and heritage. Nestled in the town of Jarnac, France, the distillery's history is intertwined with the cognac tradition dating back over 200 years. This rich heritage is embodied in every drop of it, a testament to the mastery of time, patience, and artistry.

In the United States, Courvoisier XO enjoys a loyal following among brandy and cognac lovers aged 30 to 50. These discerning individuals value the complexity, depth, and sophistication inherent in a premium spirit. They seek experiences that not only satisfy the palate but also ignite dialogue with the storied past and meticulous process behind each bottle. To them, savoring Courvoisier XO is an exploration and an appreciation of the fine art of cognac production.

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