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Deleon Anejo

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Deleon Anejo impresses you with its rich, full-bodied flavor profile. Made from 100% Blue Weber agave, it boasts deep, layered notes of caramel, oak, vanilla, and a hint of spice. The unmistakable complexity makes it a must-try in your collection. Encased in a striking bottle, it doesn't only offer a remarkable drink but also adds a touch of elegance to your home bar. Make your choice count and experience the depth and sophistication of Deleon Anejo

To explore more within the realm of tequila, feel free to visit our curated Tequila Collection.Presented in a unique bottle, Deleon Anejo complements the aesthetics of your home bar while promising a superior drink. Savor the sophistication and depth it brings. If you're intrigued by the aging process that gives Anejo its character, our selection of Extra Anejo Tequilas is worth exploring, where extended aging imparts even more complexity and smoothness.

Deleon Anejo, a premium spirit, is a product of the DeLeon Distillery nestled in the highlands of Purisima del Rincon, Mexico. This distillery, renowned for its precision and artistry, hand-selects the finest Blue Weber agave for a distinct, high-quality yield. The slow roasting of the pi as in traditional clay ovens, followed by fermentation in oak barrels, births the quintessential Anejo with a beautifully complex flavor profile.

The Anejo category is lauded by American enthusiasts for its sophisticated taste, which results from aging for a minimum of one year in oak barrels. This process imparts a richer, smoother character compared to its younger counterparts - Blanco and Reposado. Deleon Anejo holds a unique appeal for whiskey lovers as the aging process imparts a profile akin to fine whiskies. The remarkable bottle design of Deleon Anejo, featuring a bold, square structure topped with an ornate metal cap, has made it a coveted centerpiece in the collections of many aesthetically-driven connoisseurs.

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