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Imagine sipping on a bourbon so exclusive it was initially intended only for the closest friends of the distiller. That's the appeal of Maker's Mark 46. Distilled from the Samuels family's signature recipe, it's bottled at a unique 101 proof to elicit a flavor profile that is both rich and intense, yet maintains the signature smoothness that Maker's Mark is renowned for. This bourbon, made with soft red winter wheat, offers a robust experience due to its higher proof, making it a limited release that you, too, can now share with your special circle. This is a bourbon that rewards the curious, offering a unique and memorable tasting experience.

If you're a fan of bourbon and looking to explore the wide range of American whiskies, Maker's Mark 46 is a remarkable choice. It belongs to the extensive collection of whiskies available in the "American Whiskey" category. Additionally, it proudly represents the rich heritage of "Bourbon". Explore the diverse selection of American whiskies and bourbons to discover more exceptional spirits that cater to your taste preferences.

Maker's Mark 46 has a rich history rooted in the distilling legacy of the Samuels family. Crafted from their signature family recipe, this bourbon was originally set aside for special occasions with close friends. Today, it's a limited release offering a unique experience for bourbon enthusiasts.

It is aged longer with seared French oak staves, imparting a deeper flavor profile. The bourbon is bottled at a special 101 proof, providing a more intense and rich taste. It is cherished by those who appreciate the distinct smoothness derived from the use of soft red winter wheat. American whiskey enthusiasts in the United States relish the opportunity to explore this exceptional bourbon and uncover its remarkable complexity and character.

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