Rabbit Hole Dareringer Bourbon

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Rabbit Hole Dareringer Bourbon

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Experience the allure of Rabbit Hole Dareringer Bourbon, a sherry cask-finished expression that encapsulates the elegance and charm reminiscent of a muse. This enchanting bourbon, born from the heart of Louisville, carries an irresistible sweetness that might just draw you away from your go-to spirits. With every sip, you engage in a dance of complex flavors, uncovering the story behind its creation, and perhaps, finding yourself charmed by this delightful spirit just as the creator was by his muse.

Rabbit Hole Dareringer Bourbon stands proudly in WhiskeyD's curated American whiskey range. It's not an American single malt, but its depth of flavor certainly rivals one. As a distinguished member of our bourbon collection, it boasts a unique character, distanced from the profiles you'd find in Tennessee whiskey.

While it shares the sweetness associated with corn whiskey, its flavor profile is further deepened by other grains, distinguishing it from a rye or a wheat whiskey. Though not a straight whiskey, nor an American blended whiskey, the craftsmanship in each bottle mirrors the meticulous care applied in these styles.

While it's not a single barrel or a small batch whiskey, Rabbit Hole Dareringer captures the essence of quality associated with these classifications. It might not pack the punch of a cask strength whiskey, but its layered flavor journey offers an exploration of different American whiskey regions.

Steeped in the vibrant spirit of Louisville, Rabbit Hole Dareringer Bourbon originates from the innovative Rabbit Hole Distillery. This Sherry Cask Finished Bourbon exemplifies the distillery's commitment to craft and uniqueness, encapsulating a story of passion, muse, and transformation. It's a favorite among U.S. bourbon and whiskey enthusiasts who appreciate the seamless blend of tradition and innovation. These aficionados, captivated by nuanced flavors and compelling backstories, find Rabbit Hole Dareringer Bourbon to be an irresistible addition to their American whiskey collection.

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