Redwood Empire Bourbon Pipe Dream

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Redwood Empire Bourbon Pipe Dream

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Redwood Empire Bourbon Pipe Dream honors the world's 14th-tallest tree, the Pipe Dream. As you discover bourbon, try this wonderful whiskey.

Pipe Dream Bourbon is made with a high corn mash bill and skilfully blended from four-to-12-year-old barrels. This bourbon is meant to be sipped, delighting your taste buds.

Enjoy Pipe Dream Bourbon's fascinating scents and tastes. Sweet maple, vanilla, and honey fill the nostrils. Roasted pecan, vanilla, char, and woody flavors create a rich, nuanced flavor. Black pepper adds to the silky finish.

Pipe Dream Bourbon's unique flavor comes from its 75% maize, 21% raw rye, and 4% malt barley mash bill. Blending four-to-12-year-old barrels gives this bourbon great maturity and character.

Sip Pipe Dream Bourbon's beautiful golden color and enjoy each note. You'll love this bourbon.

WhiskeyD offers Redwood Empire Bourbon Pipe Dream and other bourbons.

Redwood Empire Bourbon Pipe Dream shows our commitment to great bourbon. The 14th-tallest tree in the world, Pipe Dream, inspired this bourbon.

Redwood Empire carefully selects a high corn mash-bill and handpicks barrels aged four to twelve years to create a smooth, subtle, and fascinating bourbon. Pipe Dream Bourbon is made with care.

American whiskey lovers will enjoy Pipe Dream Bourbon. Whether you're a whiskey novice or a bourbon expert, Pipe Dream is a delightful experience.

Pipe Dream Bourbon's deep golden color and delicious maple, vanilla, and honey aroma captivate. The rich, subtle palate sings with roasted pecan, vanilla, and lingering char and woody notes. The smooth black pepper aftertaste improves each sip.

If you want the best of All Whiskey, American Whiskey, and Bourbon, try Redwood Empire Pipe Dream. Its artistry and flavor make it a great whiskey complement.

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Experience the excellence of Redwood Empire Bourbon Pipe Dream and explore the finest offerings in American whiskey at WhiskeyD.

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