Sagamore Rye Signature Whiskey

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Sagamore Rye Signature Whiskey

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Discover the exceptional Sagamore Rye Signature Whiskey, a spirit drawn from a spring house built in 1909 at Maryland's renowned Sagamore Farm. The naturally filtered spring water, from a limestone aquifer, not only nurtures champion thoroughbreds but also crafts the soul of this unique whiskey. This same water tempers the robust spice of the rye, creating a spirit that is as bold and innovative as America's pioneering spirits.

Sagamore Rye Signature Whiskey tells a tale of passion, a fusion of tradition and innovation that crafts an ageless American whiskey. Dive into its aroma, uncovering notes of vanilla, caramel, and baking spices. Your palate will be welcomed by a traditional Maryland-Style Rye Whiskey, presenting flavors of candied dried orange peel intertwined with hints of clove and nutmeg. Its finish lingers, with subtle nuances of walnut and brown sugar making each sip a memorable experience.

Experience Sagamore Rye Signature Whiskey, a tribute to timeless whiskey craftsmanship and a celebration of American spirit.

Embodied with exceptional character, Sagamore Rye Signature Whiskey takes its rightful place within the American Whiskey range on WhiskeyD. This rye whiskey encapsulates the essence and variety that American whiskies are celebrated for, offering a tasting journey through the spirit's uniquely American roots.

Its intricate production process aligns with the techniques and the craftsmanship that define the whiskies in our American Single Malt collection. The intricacies and depth in each bottle of Sagamore Rye Signature Whiskey reflect the same commitment to quality and complexity that is synonymous with American Single Malts.

Experience the exquisite Sagamore Rye Signature Whiskey and immerse yourself in a celebration of true American spirit and whiskey craftsmanship.

Sagamore Rye Signature Whiskey hails from the historic Sagamore Farm in Maryland, a place steeped in tradition and renowned for its champion thoroughbreds. The distillery is equally celebrated for its unique use of naturally filtered spring water from a limestone aquifer, integral to the crafting of their distinctive rye whiskey. This adherence to origin and a commitment to quality mirrors the enduring spirit of American whiskey-making, a testament to both tradition and innovation.

In the United States, Sagamore Rye Signature Whiskey caters to a wide spectrum of whiskey enthusiasts who relish in the distinctive flavors that categories such as All Whiskey, Whiskey, Rye, and American Whiskey have to offer. Those who enjoy the unique spiciness of rye whiskies, and the bold character intrinsic to American whiskies, will find Sagamore Rye Signature Whiskey to be an exceptional choice. This selection appeals to both novices seeking to discover new taste profiles and seasoned whiskey lovers who appreciate a well-crafted, complex spirit. Sagamore Rye Signature Whiskey provides a remarkable tasting journey, resonating with every sip, and leaves an enduring impression of authentic American whiskey craftsmanship.

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