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Tincup American Whiskey

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Experience the audacious spirit of Tincup American Whiskey. Known for its bold and spicy character, it's a choice that impresses in a cocktail, seamlessly mingling with other flavors to create a blend that's utterly satisfying. You'll find that its robust blend of oak and vanilla culminates with hints of clove, dried cherry, and a lively touch of lemon peel. This unique blend, cut with pure Rocky Mountain water, takes its composition from a mashbill of 64% Corn, 32% Rye, and 4% Malted Barley.

The name 'TINCUP' pays homage to the Colorado mining pioneers and their tradition of drinking from tin cups. As a high-rye Bourbon - and intriguingly not labeled as such despite meeting the necessary criteria - this whiskey continues to honor the pioneering spirit with its bold, spicy flavor that's perfect for cocktail combinations. Try Tincup American Whiskey and taste the legacy of Colorado's mining history in every sip.

This category celebrates the diversity of American whiskey styles, from bold and spicy ryes to smooth and mellow corn whiskies. Tincup's unique character showcases the creativity and innovation in American whiskey making.

While Tincup may not be a traditional American Single Malt, it shares a commitment to quality and a passion for the craft that characterizes the best offerings in this category. Each sip of Tincup provides a glimpse into the rich tapestry of American distilling traditions, adding another layer of depth to your whiskey exploration journey.

And for those with a taste for the classic American spirit, our Bourbon category offers a selection of whiskies that celebrate the time-honored traditions of bourbon making. Although Tincup doesn't label itself as a bourbon, its high corn content and use of new charred oak barrels for maturation mean it aligns closely with the fundamental characteristics of this revered category.

Named after the historic mining town of Tincup, Colorado, this whiskey is a tribute to the miners who sought their fortune in the gold rush and the rugged spirit of the Old West. The distillation process takes place at high altitudes and it's cut with pure Rocky Mountain water, giving this whiskey a unique character that embodies its Colorado roots.

Today, Tincup American Whiskey appeals to a broad range of whiskey drinkers in the United States who enjoy exploring the diverse category of American Whiskey. Whether they're traditionalists drawn to the time-honored classics or newcomers seeking an accessible entry point into the world of whiskey, Tincup has something to offer. This whiskey is a perfect fit for those who appreciate the bold, spicy character of high-rye bourbons and the smooth complexity of corn whiskies, as well as those who value the story and craftsmanship behind the spirit. With its distinctive taste and rich history, Tincup American Whiskey makes every sip a taste of the American West.

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