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Experience the embodiment of unwavering commitment to quality with Wild Turkey 101. This emblematic bourbon defines what it means to uphold American tradition, not settling for anything less than excellence. Aged to perfection for a minimum of five years in American White Oak barrels, it boasts a #4 alligator char � the deepest level possible � enriching the spirit with unmatched character.

With every sip of Wild Turkey 101, you'll understand why it stands as a testament to time-honored distillation practices. A remarkable piece of bourbon history, it imparts a robust and complex flavor profile that remains consistent throughout the years. Indulge in its bold yet smooth notes that take your taste buds on a thrilling journey.

Remember, purchasing this bottle means you're joining the esteemed ranks of the 1940 Barrel Society Members, a privilege marked by a K Card* you'll receive when you collect your bottle from the store. Elevate your bourbon experience and deepen your appreciation of American whiskey with Wild Turkey 101.

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Originating from the picturesque landscape of Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, Wild Turkey 101 is a testament to American whiskey-making craftsmanship. The Wild Turkey Distillery, known for its dedication to tradition and quality, has been creating this iconic bourbon for decades. Relying on a deeply charred #4 alligator barrel and a minimum aging process of five years, Wild Turkey 101 delivers an authentic bourbon experience that echoes its roots in the heartland of American whiskey production.

In the United States, Wild Turkey 101 appeals to a diverse audience spanning from whiskey enthusiasts, collectors, to casual drinkers alike. It strikes a chord with those who value the All Whiskey and Bourbon categories, cherishing the distinct taste that the American whiskey heritage offers. From those who savour every sip of their neat pour, to those who enjoy their whiskey on the rocks or in a classic cocktail, Wild Turkey 101 captivates with its rich, full-bodied flavor profile. As the popularity of American Whiskey continues to rise, Wild Turkey 101 remains a cherished favorite across the country, continually inspiring new and seasoned whiskey lovers to explore the world of bourbon.

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